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31 years of low maintenance landscaping

Myers Landscape Nursery

Professional Grade Weed Barrier

Myers Landscape Nursery carries Dewitt brand weed barrier in a variety of sizes. This is professional grade, with a 20 year manufacturer warranty.

When installing weed barrier, put the fuzzy side down and stripes facing up.

Myers Landscape Nursery does not recommend the use of weed barrier with mulch. Best results are achieved when weed barrier is used in stone applications.

The following sizes are available:

  • 3' x 50' pre-packaged roll $32.99
  • 3' x 100' pre-packaged roll $64.99
  • 3' x 250' $159.00 per roll or $0.75 per linear foot
  • 4' x 250' $219.00 per roll or $1.00 per linear foot
  • 5' x 250' $269.00 per roll or $1.25 per linear foot
  • 6' x 250' $329.00 per roll or $1.50 per linear foot
  • 8' x 250' $429.00 per roll or $2.00 per linear foot
  • 12' x 250' $629.00 per roll or $3.00 per linear foot

Sod Staples

Use these to hold down sod, or drip line irrigation. Fifteen staples for $2.75

Vinyl Edging

Myers Landscape Nursery carries 20 ft. Black Diamond Edging kits at a price of $22.99

Our edging kits are shipped and stored laying flat and straight - NEVER COILED

Kit includes --

  • 20 ft. plastic edging strip, 4 metal stakes and a connector (not in coils)
  • MLN also sells sets of 4 stakes and one connector at $6.99
  • MLN sells one metal stake at $1.25 each

Mosquito Dunks

  • Kills by using BTI that is only toxic to mosquito larvae, not an insecticide
  • 6 in a package for $15.99 or sheets of 20 for $35.99
  • Can be used in fish habitats
  • Can be placed in containerized standing water whenever it accumulates near house holds
  • Can be used in flower pots, tree holes, bird baths, roof gutters, rain barrels, old tires, unused swimming pools, animal watering troughs.
  • Use 1 mosquito dunk for up to 100 square feet of water surface, regardless of depth
  • Can be used whole or broken into portions
  • Safe for organic gardening

Surface area of standing water

  • 1-5 square feet 1/4 dunk
  • 5-25 square feet 1/2 dunk
  • 25-100 square feet 1 dunk
  • Above 100 square feet 1 dunk/100 square feet

Mosquito Beater Granules

  • Non-toxic and biodegradable
  • Repels mosquitos for up to 3 weeks
  • Uses oils such as citronella, geranium, and lemon grass as a natural repellent
  • One 1.3 pound jug treats up to 4,000 square feet

Pond2O Black

  • 1 gallon treats 1 acre 6' deep
  • Natural "mirror like" look that is aesthetically pleasing
  • 100% safe for all uses immediately after treatment
  • Color stays suspended longer
  • Treat regularly from March - October for optimum color

Contact Information

Phone: 574-457-5354

Fax: 574-457-2482

Email: [email protected]

Address and Location

15497 US 6

Syracuse, IN 46567

We are located on the north side of U.S. Highway 6, just a mile north of Syracuse, between S.R. 13 and CR 29.

Garden Center Hours

Spring through Fall Hours

Monday - Saturday

8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Closed holidays